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About Us - Threlkeld Village Hall Management


History of the Village Hall

Read more about the history of the hall:

Opening in 1901

Evolution of the revitalisation project

Time Capsule

A Time Capsule has been buried under the Village Hall.

It contains a booklet produced by pupils at the school and other Revitalisation Project momentos.

What you say about us ...

We had a brilliant evening - the venue was very good...

..Should we need a venue in the future, this will be the first place we come, as well as promoting it to those we speak to. Thanks again for an unforgettable evening ....

I think it is the nicest one I have ever booked ............... The facilities and the cleanliness and the welcome were all excellent ..........  

it is the best venue as the lighting is wonderful...

Village Hall

Management Committee

Members of the Committee are:

Christine Renouf (Chair)
Steven Oldfield (Secretary)
Graham Anderson
Dot Benson
Joe Davis
Tina Morland
Moira Suringar

Treasurer :  Neil Beresford
Monitoring Officer: Barbara Lowesmith

Governing Documents

Threlkeld Village Hall is the responsibility of Threlkeld Village Hall Trust, a charity registered in England and Wales (reg number 231380)

Download the Charity Commission and Coffee Shop governing documents.

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