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Proposed amenity and woodland space at Underknott

Friends of the Lake District, the Cumbrian charity who look after the landscape have been offered the ownership of a field just above Dickney in Threlkeld by the current owner of Underknott Mike Hambrey. FLD would like to turn the field into an amenity/woodland area for the benefit of the community and wider public and we are interested in the views of the community

The first stage is to put in some permanent pedestrian access to the site from Dickney allowing people to access the site safely and without going through the garden at Underknott (currently the only access). We will shortly be submitting a planning application for a new wooden pedestrian bridge and path to the field. There will be no vehicular access.

We very much would like to work with the local community to make this an asset everyone can enjoy and would welcome any thoughts or feedback, eg Have you any ideas of how you would like us to enhance the land or things youwould like to see? Do you think you would like to use the land in future in any way and if so how?

If you would like to give us your views or look at the plans for the access, please see :

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