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Village Hall Trust meeting - July 17



Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Graham Anderson.    In attendance: Neil Beresford, Adam Bazire (first three items only).  

  1. Apologies –  Saima Afzal, Dot Benson, Barbara Lowesmith.
  2. Coffee Shop Annual Report. Adam Bazire discussed the report with the Committee members - the shareholders. The Coffee Shop is still running successfully but profits are significantly down mainly due to loss of business as a result of Storm Desmond and also paying staff the "living" wage. The CS will be putting in a claim to the Cumbria Community Foundation for loss of earnings as a result of the flood and will attempt to increase promotional activities during the coming year. The CS will be making a donation of £5,000 to the VHT.
  3. Floor Cleaning Machine. It was agreed to go ahead with purchasing the proposed cleaner at a cost of £1,173 + vat – this includes parts and training. The cleaner can be stored in the plant room. It was also agreed to purchase a steam mop as well for the CS floor and the corridors. JA to consult with Steph and Sylvia – a commitment to use these on a regular basis is essential. Barbara Lowesmith was thanked for all her hard work on researching this.
  4. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  5. Matters arising.
  • Steven Oldfield reported that the correct batteries for the essential emergency lights have arrived and have now been fitted . Bill Murray, a Risk Assessment Officer, will be coming on the 18th July to approve the lighting and to discuss the issue of the CS shutter.
  • JA reported that there are still issues over parking at big events. JA to attend a future Parish Council meeting to discuss the problem. Steph does warn hirers of the Hall for big events of the problem with parking.
  • Since the last meeting, Steph hasn’t given permission for any equipment to be stored in the upstairs office.
  1. Treasurer's Report.  Neil Beresford briefly discussed his report of the accounts for the period 1st Oct '16 to 31st May '17. Hall hire income is above that of the same period in 2014-15 but below that of 2015-16. Overall the Trust has a surplus of £2,994 year to date, with the Operational account showing a deficit of £1,388 and Projects Account a surplus of £4,382. Cash available at the end of May was £23, 667  (up to £26,439 at end of June).
  2. T.A.A. Report. Moira Suringar reported that up to now all events have been very successful – Dot Benson's suggestion was very popular with locals! Congratulations and thanks to the TAA, especially Barbara.
  3. T.Y.P. Report. JA reported that everything was still going well – numbers are holding up.
  4. Risk Assessment. Barbara Lowesmith has produced a summary of the results of the meeting to look at various health and safety issues the average hirer of the Hall, and volunteers of the VHT, face when putting on an event/activities. The VHT were asked to look at some of the problems.
  • Item 1 – fire. JA to speak to CS staff and Steph re. the use of a free standing heater in the office + the displaying of a notice in office regarding this.
  • Item 3 – ceiling. Graham Anderson, with the help of John Knifton, will look into strapping the parcans to the ceiling. 
  • Item 4 – heavy items. JA to talk to CS staff.
  • Item 6 – tables. BL to produce notice.
  • Items 7 - disable lift, 8 - chairs, 12 – windows. BL has produced notices.
  • Item 13 – tall ladder. Only to be used by trained staff. Hirers can use lower step-ladders.
  • Item 22 – cable hazard. A warning to be added to list Steph sends out to hirers.

(since the meeting BL has expressed concerns about the number of chairs readily available and Item 13. She has agreed to oversee completion and updating the Risk Assessment)

  1. Maintenance Issues.
  • SO – the filters in the hand driers need cleaning.
  • NB – the front wall needs pressure washing – small working party?
  • JA – weeding in the car park is ongoing.
  • NB – there hasn’t been any maintenance of the heating system for over a year. Will need to be checked by a heating engineer.
  1.  A.O.B.
  • SO – Signs are needed for users of the Coffee Shop to direct them to the toilets. GA to research.
  • NB – A full review of the terms and conditions of rental which are sent out to prospective hirers is needed.
  • NB – There is a need for a proper ventilation system in the Hall.
  • JA – Date for next meeting – Monday 4th September.

       The meeting closed at 9.20pm.

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