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Threlkeld Village Hall Trust Annual Report 2007/2008



This Annual Report relates to the year to 30 September 2008.

Threlkeld Village Hall Trust is a Registered Charity (number 231380). It is responsible for all aspects of the management of Threlkeld Village Hall (also known as Threlkeld Public Room).

The objective of the Trust is:

“ the provision and maintenance of a village hall for use by the inhabitants of Threlkeld without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for (a) meetings, lectures and classes and (b) other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation, with the objective of improving conditions of life for the inhabitants”.

Trustees are:
Donald Angus. Roger Bragg, Carolyn Cripps, Sue Dunn, Steven Oldfield, Diane Robson, Trevor Roberts, Bryan Rothwell, Gill Winter,

Barclays Bank, Penrith

Cartmell Shepherd, Penrith

Chairman: Trevor Roberts
Garden Cottage
Cumbria CA12 4SQ


Vice Chairman:
Bryan Rothwell

Diane Robson
The Brambles
Blease Road
Cumbria CA12 4RX

Treasurer: Roger Bragg

Hall Caretaker
Sylvia Tuer, Grange Farm, Threlkeld

Legal and constitutional framework of the Trust

Governing Document

Until recently, the Trust operated under a Deed executed in 1899 when the land on which the Village Hall was subsequently constructed was donated to Threlkeld Parish. A review of the constitutional arrangements took place, culminating in the Charity Commission issuing a “scheme” under charity legislation, which took effect from 1 May 2008, and which is the current Governing Document.

Under the new scheme, the Trust Management Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Trust, and are the Trustees under charity law. All were registered with the Charity Commission.

The Parish Council is the Custodial Trustee, its sole function being to hold the title deeds and similar documents, including the new Governing Document, all of which are in the safe keeping of the Parish Council Solicitors.

Land Registry

The Parish Council Solicitors have, during the year, ensured that all the land belonging to the Trust is formally registered with the Land Registry. This has now been done with all the land registered in the name of Threlkeld Parish Council, which is the Custodial Trustee.

The title was clear in respect of all the land concerned except for a very small parcel of land (basically the current kitchen area) where clear title was not in evidence. This small area has been included as a “possessory title” on the basis of statutory declarations and other evidence submitted to the Land Registry.

The Village Hall Trust has paid the Solicitors and Land Registry Fees out of its normal budget.

Clarification and establishment of the title to the property is essential to its future development. This has now been completed satisfactorily.

The Village Hall Trust Management Committee

The Trust Management Committee is the body which has responsibility for the Village Hall and other activities of the Trust. It consists of:

· three people appointed by Threlkeld Parish Council: Diane Robson, Carolyn Cripps, Roger Bragg
· three people elected at the Annual Meeting on 17 October 2007: Trevor Roberts, Bryan Rothwell, Sue Dunn
· three people coopted by the Committee: Steven Oldfield, Gill Winter, Donald Angus.

The Trust Management Committee are the Trustees of the Village Hall Trust with the usual responsibilities under charities law.

The Trust Management Committee has met on four occasions during the year. Minutes of the meetings are available on the Threlkeld Community Website. Key topics discussed have included:

· ongoing consideration of the financial position of the Village Hall
· ongoing consideration of activities
· ongoing consideration of routine maintenance
· oversight of progress on the revitalisation project
· constitution of the Village Hall
· establishing legal title to the land
· insurance and possible changes to it
· adoption of equal opportunities policy
· adoption of an environment policy
· health and safety issues
· purchase of portable staging.

The Trust Management Committee has delegated day to day Hall management responsibilities to its Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Trust management Committee has established two Action Groups: the Social Activities Action Group and the Children’s and Young Persons Action Group.

The Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Action Group is jointly responsible to the Parish Council (which established it originally) and the Trust Management Committee.

Bookings and use of the Village Hall

Appendix 1 lists the organisations and types of activity involved in using the Village Hall during 2007/08.

Generally, the Hall is well used in the evenings, especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It is less heavily used during the day.

Charges were reviewed by the Trust Management Committee in November 2007 and fixed at:

£4.00 per hour for the Main Hall
£3.50 per hour for the Meeting Room
Electricity at 15p per unit in addition (users record their use of electricity).

The Parish Council, Village Hall Trust Management Committee and associated meetings/activities use the Hall without charge.

Hall management and maintenance issues
Routine maintenance

Most routine management and maintenance issues are delegated to the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Trust; and to the Hall Caretaker (Sylvia Tuer). In practice, Roger Bragg takes the lead on this.

The following routine maintenance has been carried out:

· repainting and partial replastering in the kitchen
· refixing and supporting a surface in the kitchen
· sorting out drainage problems outside the kitchen
· straightening out the honesty box in the car park
· filling holes in the car park
· repairing the gulley next to Forge Cottage
· fixing the leak in the roof over the toilets
· painting in the toilets
· fixing the fan heater in the lobby
· finishing off repairs to the main door
· mending the rear door to the car park.

The possibility of installing time switches on the electrical heaters was investigated but was found to be uneconomical. Better notices and other steps have been taken to ensure that heaters are not left on inadvertently.

A start has been made to sorting out the storeroom. This is continuing.

The work has been done by a mixture of voluntary and paid effort. Thanks to all the following for assisting in Hall maintenance: Roger Bragg (who generally supervises this activity), Trevor Robson, Steven Oldfield, Sylvia Tuer, John Knifton, Carolyn Cripps, Trevor Roberts, Jane Roberts, Wilson’s Plant Hire.

Special appreciation to Sylvia Tuer who very capably looks after bookings, cleaning and general maintenance.

The condition of the toilet block continues to give concern; it has a flat roof which is clearly reaching the end of its useful life. The Committee has arranged for some short term remedial work to stop a serious leak, but is alert to the possibility that some more extensive repairs may be necessary, and have to be done in a hurry, despite the longer term revitalisation plans. Fortunately the financial position allows this to be possible if necessary, even though we will be reluctant to spend a great deal of money in this way.

Facilities improvements

The following facilities improvements were made during 2007/08:

· purchase of tea/coffee urns; these have made a big difference to the serving of hot drinks in the main hall (thanks to Pat Knifton and Dot Benson for arranging this)
· portable staging; this cost about £2500, offset by a grant of £500 from Eden District Council, and has made tremendous difference already to theatrical, musical and other productions (thanks to Jon Trotman for arranging this)
· overhaul and improvements to the PA/amplification system, including purchase of a new mixer; this equipment is now available to all village organisations, it is stored away from the Hall in dry conditions (thanks to Jonathan Rothwell for arranging this).

Insurance, licenses etc

The Hall is insured, with insurance including employers' and public liability.

The Hall has a licence for music and also pays the Performing Rights Society to cover the playing of recorded music.

Temporary licenses are obtained for sale of alcohol as required. Thanks to John Fleet and Tim Foster for assistance with this.

Social Activities Action Group

Coordinated by Carolyn Cripps, this informal Action Group arranges events and activities in and in conjunction with the Hall, for benefit of the community. These events/activities are separate from the fund raising activities in support of the Revitalisation Fund; are in addition to the activities organised by the Children and Young Person's Action Group; and are also in addition to many social activities carried out by a variety of village organisations.

Winter Whist Drives

Six whist drives were held in the 2007/08 season, with an average attendance of about 24.

Christmas Shopping Trip

The coach trip to the Metro Centre on 17 November 2007 took 35 people. (The forthcoming trip to Glasgow is fully booked at 41).

Christmas Whist Drive

The Christmas Whist Drive is supported by people in and beyond the village. It was attended by about 70 people.

Highlights Theatrical Productions

There were three Highlights Productions in 2007/08:

Unruly Women by Sue McCormick – Sunday October 2007
Borrowdale Johnny, with Cumbrian Folk Band Striding Edge – Saturday 24 November 2007
Keep on Moving, with Fairgame Theatre – Tuesday 29 April 2008.

These productions bring live music and theatre to the Village Hall. Attendance is about 30-60. They are not fundraising events but more than cover their costs. The Management Committee has decided to continue its association with the Highlights scheme. (A forthcoming event looks like being especially popular).

Thanks especially to Carolyn Cripps, Jon Trotman and Pat Knifton for assistance with these activities: and also to Roger Bragg, Val Bragg, John Hodgson, Ruth Marr, Eileen Read, Barbara Howe, Dorothy Cowper, Sylvia Tuer, Barbara Wilson, Harry Wilson.

Children and Young Persons Action Group

This Action Group is coordinated by Trevor Robson. It is responsible for organising some specific events described below, and also for the Youth Club.

Threlkeld Youth Club

The Youth Club is the only village organisation which operates under the auspices of the Village Hall Trust Management Committee. This is an opportunity to report on its activities.

The older section of the Youth Club is down in numbers from last year, with six regular members. The younger section is thriving, with 12 regulars and lots who dip in and out, and are full of ideas as to what they want to do.

Activities have included:

· a visit to the Keswick climbing wall
· bike ride down the railway footpath – a very popular activity and surprisingly the first time that several people, both adults and children, had done this
· a water fight on the Jobby (thanks to Trevor and Diane Robson and George Moulder for providing us with water)
· sports – volleyball, cricket, tennis, football, rounders
· an evening walk when 30 adults and children walked up to Derwent Folds on a beautiful night proving that the best things are often the cheapest
· a craft evening
· karaoke evenings, video games evenings, quizzes, scavenger hunts, a go at belly dancing
· the girls had a wonderful evening doing their nails and trying to straighten Gill’s hair
· an enjoyable evening in the play area at Whinlatter
· a Treasure Hunt and a Halloween Party are planned.

The Youth Club has also raised money for the Village Hall Revitalisation Fund by sponsored walks and a litter pick. It has also contributed to the Village in Bloom by planting and watering.

Altogether a very successful year for the Youth Club. Thanks for the regular help from Gill Winter, Carol Sharp, Sandra Hewitson, Pat Taylor and Annette Howe; with assistance from lots of others.

Village Bonfire

The Village Bonfire and Fireworks Display took place on 5 November 2007. This is a major village social occasion for all the family – attended at Kiln How by an estimated 200 people from the village and around. There was a 50 minute spectacular firework display, together with a turnip lantern competition (won by Jacob Howe), soup, sweets etc. The weather was very good (for a change – it has been really bad in recent years). Village children collected money for fireworks by Penny for the Guy collections throughout Threlkeld – the Guy was made by the schoolchildren from willow.

Kiln How is used subject to close restrictions by courtesy of Threlkeld Parish Council and the nearby field by permission of Harry Robinson. This is appreciated because it is a perfect setting for this event, in which safety is paramount.

There are many people involved in organising this – in building the bonfire, letting off the fireworks, organising the bonfire, clearing up afterwards. making soup etc. Thanks to Roger Bragg, Kevin Metcalfe, Marra, James and Andrew Graham, Roger Stevens, Mike Howe, Trevor Robson, Les Dalzell, John Pickering, Sandra Hewitson, Una Cowper, all the kids who went around the village with penny for the guy, Diane Robson, Val Bragg, Jane Roberts, Barbara Wilson, Eileen Robson, Rich Bailiff, Sue Dunn, Steve Dobbins, Caroline Greenway, Jonathan Rothwell, Gill Winter, Sylvia Tuer.

Village Sports

The Village Sports Day is another important regular event in the village social calendar. It was held on the afternoon of Saturday 14 June 2008, in conjunction with the School Summer Fayre. It was attended by about 100 people. The children’s races as ever were fiercely competitive. The fancy dress parade was judged by Dr John Collinge, Celia Burke and Mrs Dorothy Collinge (who was celebrating her birthday) from Cobble Rigg.

Fancy Dress Competition Winners
Under 5’s Over 5’s
1st Chloe Thompson 1st Ben and Sam Holmes
2nd Jack Morris 2nd Phoenix Weir
3rd Elizabeth Ellams 3rd Jacob Howe

2008 Trophy Winners
Frank Hebson Cup……………………………………. Anna Robson (Threlkeld)
Orrell Cup……………………………………………….Ellie Winter (Threlkeld)
Committee Cup Junior…………………………………Adam Beatty (Threlkeld)
Committee Cup Senior………………………………...Laura McKenzie (Threlkeld)
Newman Cup…………………………………………...Kate and Harry Vaillant (Borrowdale)
Stuart Cup Senior………………………………………Kate Vaillant
Stuart Cup Junior……………………………………….Christina Tully (Bassenthwaite)
Joe Bowe Trophy……………………………………….Harry Vaillant

Thanks to the following for assisting at the event: Trevor Robson, Diane Robson, Roger Bragg, Val Bragg, Kevin Metcalfe, Sarah Bennett, Sue Dunn.

Village Hall Teas

At Easter and during the summer, teas were provided for sale in the Village Hall at weekends and on Bank Holidays. This service is operated on a voluntary basis, and provides useful income in support of the Village Hall ongoing management and maintenance.

Approximately 1029 people were served (an average of about 47 per day open). Income (net) was approximately £1600.

Thanks to the following for assisting in providing the teas on a rota basis and for baking cakes, scones etc: Carolyn Cripps, Pat Knifton, Kate Smalley, Ros Shirreff, Gaynor Harding, Donald Angus, John Deadman, Laurence Deadman, Jane Roberts. Sue Foster, Marion Taylor, Ann Hughes, Diane Matthews, Hilary Eddleston, Christine Gott, Marion Wright, Elizabeth Beresford, Margaret Fleet, Anne-Louise Rothwell, Liz Jones, Dot Benson, Dorothy Cowper, Marion Hodgson, Marion Turner, Eileen Witherington, Mildred Teasdale, Blencathra Centre.

Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Group

The Village Hall Revitalisation Group is handling all aspects of the plan to carry out a major revitalisation of the Village Hall, subject to the overriding responsibility of the Village Hall Trust Management Committee and the Parish Council (it is jointly accountable to both these bodies). The Group met five times during the year.

Progress on the scheme during the year is summarised below:

· a brief for the Architects was produced by the Group
· a scheme was developed in liaison with the Architects and adopted following public consultation and discussion
· informal discussions with the Lake District planning officers and Cumbria Highways officers about the scheme have been positive and the scheme is now almost ready to be submitted as a planning application (we have applied for a grant to cover most of the costs of doing this)
· we have submitted funding applications for the scheme extensively but so far with no success; this process continues
· our local fundraising has been very successful, and the initial target of £15000 has been reached; this money is underpinning progress on the scheme even though we hope to get other funding to cover this in due course.

Details of the proposed scheme are available if required – contact the Chairman.

A series of local events and activities have been held to raise money and awareness locally. These include:

Promises Auction
Threlkeld Extravaganza (a fun day followed by evening social)
TV Night
Theatrical performance
Folk and Blues Night
Talk on Lakeland
Pancake Race and Party
Table Top Sale
Threlkeld Pudding Festival
Threlkeld Mugs and T-shirts (the design on these resulted from a competition with about 30 entriies, won by Barbara Lowesmith)
Threlkeld Recipe Book
School Carol Concert.

The Revitalisation Fund has also benefited from many individual donations, large and small, from local people, visitors and village organisations.

The Revitalisation Group includes the following: Caroline Greenway, Steve Dobbins, Sarah Bennett, Dot Benson, Una Cowper, Gill Winter, John Knifton, Pat Knifton, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Robson, Diane Robson, Jo Alberti, Barbara Lowesmith, Eileen Witherington, Herbert Witherington, Jane Roberts, Trevor Roberts, Sue Foster, Ros Shirreff, Ron Horne, Jean Horne, Kevin Robson, Carolyn Cripps, Guy Duxbury, Roger Bragg, Jon Trotman, Alison Critchlow., Sylvia Tuer, Sandra Hewitson, Nigel Matthews, Bryan Rothwell, Jonathan Rothwell, Donald Angus, Sue Dunn.

Additionally, the following people (and possibly others, to whom apologies are offered, have actively assisted with fund raising events: Madeleine Singleton, Muriel Slater, Blencathra Centre, Salutation Inn, Horse and Farrier Inn, John Fleet, John Knowles, Keith Watson, Graham Winter, Threlkeld Youth Club, all the children of Threlkeld School, Stephen Strachan, Alastair Birkett; plus dozens of people who have donated prizes, things for the Promises auction etc.

Threlkeld Community Website

The Threlkeld Community Website was established under the auspices of the Village Hall in 2007. It is operated and managed by Steve Dobbins, and contains a wealth of local information, constantly updated, including much information about the Village Hall and the revitalisation project.

On average about 1100 people log onto the website (with “revisits” this is about 2000 visits) each month.

Public involvement/information

A report on Village Hall activities is included in virtually every edition of the village newsletter Beneath Blencathra. This has a circulation of about 350 copies locally.

Information is put onto the Threlkeld Community Website, which is regularly updated.

As well as the Annual Meeting, there has been a well attended (about 50) public meeting during the course of the year to look at the plans for the Village Hall Revitalisation and to vote on the preferred option which is being pursued.

Threlkeld Study

During 2007/08, the Parish Council organised a major study of Threlkeld, carried out by independent consultants, financed by the Lake District National Park Authority. This resulted in a series of proposals to the Parish Council, and a number of proposed actions were subsequently taken on board by the Village Hall Trust Management Committee, to implement and/or include if possible into the revitalisation plans. These include:

· the option of developing a village shop as part of the revitalisation scheme
· increased use of internet for ordering and collection (at the Village Hall) via mobile retailers
· establishing a fresh fruit and vegetable box service prepared at the Village Hall
· exploring the potential for providing a retail outlet at the Village Hall in conjunction with Four Seasons Foods

· develop a coffee bar/internet cafe at the Village Hall
· open the proposed internet cafe in the Village Hall in the evening, as meeting place for young people
· make the internet cafe available for those who are not used to using computers with volunteer help

· create an information point at the Village Hall for visitors promoting local services, accommodation and things to do, to increase length of stay
· create a display at the Village Hall to promote the Quarry & Mining Museum

· organise extra sessions at Village Hall, for example for youth club, badminton, yoga, Tai Chi and dances.
· run education classes and dances at the Village Hall
· develop the Village Hall (including via a local shop and café) to provide more opportunities for social contact for elderly people

All of these ideas will be considered by the Village Hall Management Committee during 2008/09. Many of them are already part of the scheme for revitalisation of the Village Hall.


The audited accounts as presented to the Annual Meeting on 22 October 2008 are set out in Appendix 2.

Income was £9619.39; expenditure was 9590.05. The total balance carried forward was £14924.76 compared with £12376.88 brought forward at the beginning of the year.

Income from lettings is boosted by the net income from the teas served in the Village Hall; and also from proceeds from the “honesty box” in the car park, which is used by visitors to the village. It also includes a grant of £500 from Eden District Council towards the cost of new portable staging.

Expenditure includes the cost of this staging at £2500 approximately; and the legal/registration fees associated with registering the title with the Land Registry. Setting aside these significant investments, income comfortably exceeded expenditure. However, the maintenance situation is being closely monitored by the Committee, since there are several potentially awkward problems (especially the toilets and roof to the toilet block) which could necessitate significant expenditure having to be incurred in a hurry.

The Treasurer has also drawn attention to the electricity expenditure, which is much more than that of the previous year, and far exceeds the money we receive for electricity in conjunction with bookings. This is accounted for partly because of the price increases, but also because of the increased use of the Village Hall by organisations and activities which are not required to pay for electricity use. The Committee will take this into account when reviewing fees and charges.

The Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Fund is maintained by the Threlkeld Parish Council. This is where all the locally raised money for the revitalisation project is banked. At the end of September 2008, this fund stood at £15003.53. This was after the transfer of £300.00 to the Village Hall (included in the Village Hall income) and outlay of £936.24 on the purchase of mugs and T-shirts.

The development of the revitalisation scheme so far has been financed by the Parish Council from the fund, supported by significant external grants assistance:

Big Lottery Awards for All - £5250
Cumbria County Council Neighbourhood Forum - £1000.


Village Committee meetings etc
Threlkeld Parish Council
Threlkeld Village Hall Trust Management Committee
Threkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Action Group
Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Fundraising Team
Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Architects Liaison Meetings
Threlkeld Study Steering Group
Threlkeld Study Focus Groups
Threlkeld Housing Association
Threlkeld Children’s Summer Outing Committee

Public meetings
Threlkeld Annual Parish Meeting
Threlkeld Village Hall Annual Meeting
Threlkeld Village Hall – special public meeting

Theatrical and musical events
Highlights productions
* Keswick Theatre Group
* May Day Blues – folk and blues night
Threlkeld School Summer Production
Threlkeld School Christmas Production
* Threlkeld School Choir Concert

The Village Hall is the base for equipment for Threlkeld First Reponders (who also hold meetings there).

General social events
* Threlkeld Extravaganza (village fair and fun day)
* Threlkeld Pancake Race and Party
* TV Night
Winter Whist Drives
Christmas Whist Drive
* Threlkeld Pudding Festival

Village social and recreational organisations
Threlkeld Youth Club
Blencathra Bowling Club
Threlkeld Senior Citizens
Threlkeld Women's Group
Sunday Club

Other general social and recreational activities
Keswick Crazy Kickers
Aerobics/step class
Dog training
Friends of Threlkeld School Dance
Threlkeld School Christmas Fair

Private use
Wedding reception
Body Shop evening

Conferences etc
Bassenthwaite Project exhibition and meeting
Cumbria Green Fortnight event
* Talk on Lakeland

Fund raising events and activities
* Promises Auction
* Table Top Sale

Overnight use as a camping barn

NB * indicates a fund raising event for the Revitalisation Fund


Main account

Receipts Payments

Balance brought forward 331.76 Repairs and renewals 3671.83
Lettings and electricity 3106.22 Caretaker’s wages 840.00
Special events 4342.02 Special events 1605.50
Car par donations 1010.86 Electricity 1381.24
Grants and other donations 665.80 Water 483.49
Cleaning 238.96
Transfer from deposit account 2850.00 Postage and stationery 97.07
Licences 190.46
Professional fees 1066.50
Sundry expenses 15.00

Transfer to deposit account 2200.00

Cash at the bank on 30/09/08 516.61

12306.66 12306.66


Deposit account

Balance at 30/09/07 12045.42
Transfer from current account 2200.00 Transfer to current account 2850.00
Interest for the year 162.73 Balance at 30/09/08 11558.15

14408.15 14408.15

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