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Threlkeld Village Hall Trust Annual Report 2010/2011


This Annual Report relates to the year to 30 September 2011.

Threlkeld Village Hall Trust is a Registered Charity (number 231380). It is responsible for all aspects of the management of Threlkeld Village Hall (also known as Threlkeld Public Room).

The objective of the Trust is:

“ the provision and maintenance of a village hall for use by the inhabitants of Threlkeld without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for (a) meetings, lectures and classes and (b) other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation, with the objective of improving conditions of life for the inhabitants”.

Trustees during 2010/11 were:

Donald Angus. Roger Bragg, Carolyn Cripps, Alison Critchlow, Sue Dunn, Adrian Eddleston, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Roberts, Gill Winter.


Barclays Bank, Penrith


Cartmell Shepherd, Penrith


Chairman:Trevor Roberts
Garden Cottage
Cumbria CA12 4SQ

Vice Chairman:Gill Winter

Secretary:Steven Oldfield
Cumbria CA12 4RT

Treasurer:Roger Bragg

Hall Caretaker

Sylvia Tuer, Grange Farm, Threlkeld

Legal and constitutional framework of the Trust

Governing Document

Until 2008, the Trust operated under a Deed executed in 1899 when the land on which the Village Hall was subsequently constructed was donated to Threlkeld Parish. A review of the constitutional arrangements took place, culminating in the Charity Commission issuing a “scheme” under charity legislation, which took effect from 1 May 2008, and which is the current governing document.

Under the new scheme, the Trust Management Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Trust, and are the Trustees under charity law. All were registered with the Charity Commission.

The Parish Council is the Custodial Trustee, its sole function being to hold the title deeds and similar documents, including the new governing document, all of which are in the safe keeping of the Parish Council Solicitors.

Land Registry

All the land belonging to the Trust is formally registered with the Land Registry. The land is registered in the name of Threlkeld Parish Council, which is the Custodial Trustee.

Public benefit

The Village Hall Trust fulfils its public benefit requirement by maintaining and managing Threlkeld Village Hall for use by local people and the public generally; by making and implementing plans for improving and developing the Hall so that it can better serve local people and to make full use of the Hall as a community asset; and by promoting use of the Hall by local people and others in accordance with its charitable objectives.

The Village Hall Trust Management Committee

The Trust Management Committee is the body which has responsibility for the Village Hall and other activities of the Trust. During 2010/11 it consisted of:

  • three people appointed by Threlkeld Parish Council:Donald Angus, Roger Bragg, Gill Winter
  • three people elected at the Annual Meeting on 20 October 2010: Trevor Roberts, Carolyn Cripps, Steven Oldfield
  • three people coopted by the Committee at its meeting on 10 November 2010: Alison Critchlow, Sue Dunn, Adrian Eddleston

The Trust Management Committee are the Trustees of the Village Hall Trust with the usual responsibilities under charities law.

The Trust Management Committee has met on four occasions during the year. Minutes of the meetings are available on the Threlkeld Community Website. Key topics discussed have included:

  • ongoing consideration of the financial position of the Village Hall, including review of the need for VAT registration and the possibility of appointing professional accountants, and a review of reserves
  • review of fees, charges and remuneration
  • ongoing consideration of activities, in particular (unsuccessful) efforts to ensure the continuation of the Village Sports
  • ongoing consideration of routine maintenance and continuation of the programme of improvements
  • oversight of progress on the revitalisation project and very detailed consideration of the complicated options for funding, the risks involved; this included a major change in the scale of the scheme proposed, and also a bid to the Big Lottery Reaching Communities fund
  • review of aspects of the Village Hall governing document, in discussion with the Charity Commission
  • review of the Highlights scheme
  • approval of rules for the election of Trust Management Committee
  • approval of financial procedures
  • approval of a Children and Vulnerable Adults policy and procedures

The Trust Management Committee has delegated day to day Hall management responsibilities to its Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Action Groups

Action Groups are groups exercising delegated authority from the TMC (although the TMC retains responsibility for their actions.

During the year, the Trust Management Committee discontinued two Action Groups (the Social Activities Action Group and the Children’s and Young Persons Action Group), replacing these with four Action Groups (Community Services; Children and Parents; Young People; and Older People). The Action Groups have membership and terms of reference as specified by the Management Committee, to which they are accountable. They were actively involved in developing the application for the Big Lottery Reaching Communities application recently submitted. Membership of the Action Groups is as follows (NB the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the VHT are ex officio members of all of them):

Community Services: Jo Alberti, Nigel Matthews (coordinator), Barbara Lowesmith

Children and Parents: Celia Burbush, Alison Critchlow (coordinator), Sandra Hewitson, Annette Howe, Gill Winter

Young People: Lucy Bennett, Neil Beresford (coordinator), Val Bragg, Charlotte Bragg, Rachael Kelly, Sarah Rose

Older people: Pam Bowell, Guy Duxbury (coordinator), Muriel Slater, Sylvia Tuer, Marion Turner

The Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Action Group is a less formal body, jointly responsible to the Parish Council (which established it originally) and the Trust Management Committee. It generally promotes and coordinates activities in support of the revitalisation project (see below).

Bookings and use of the Village Hall

Appendix 1 lists the organisations and types of activity involved in using the Village Hall during 2010/11.

Bookings have been helped by promotion on the Threlkeld Community website. Overall, bookings are running at a higher level than ever. Generally, the Hall is well used in the evenings, especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It is less heavily used during the day. The Hall has been used by Threlkeld School for school dinners and other activities while the School Hall is being extended.

Charges were reviewed by the Trust Management Committee in November 2010 and fixed at:

£4.75 per hour for the Main Hall
£4.25 per hour for the Meeting Room
£8.50 per hour for both rooms together
Electricity: 20p per unit (as at present)

Camping:£5.00 per night per person.

The Treasurer is given authority to vary charges as seems desirable to suit specific circumstances.

The Parish Council, Village Hall Trust Management Committee and associated meetings/activities use the Hall without charge.

Hall management and maintenance issues

Routine maintenance/facilities improvement

Most routine management and maintenance issues are delegated to the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Trust; and to the Hall Caretaker (Sylvia Tuer).

In November 2008, the Trust Management Committee took the decision to spend money on a series of repairs, improvements and facilities in recognition of the fact that the Hall is likely to remain in use pretty much as it is for several years pending us raising the money for the full revitalisation. This programme was started in 2008/09 and has been continued since. Some of this work was also justified in relation to health and safety considerations. A full list of the improvements carried out in this programme to date is set out in Appendix 3.

Improvements and work carried out in 2010/11 included:

  • repair and repainting of the main door
  • redecoration of the Small Meeting Room
  • replacement of the back door
  • notice boards in the Small Meeting Room
  • five yearly electrical safety check
  • cleaning of carpet in Small Committee Room and the Main Hall floor
  • repainting of the bottom part of the outside of the Main Hall
  • maintaining all year round flower displays on the main road window sills
  • repairs and replacements to the roof over the toilets and rear porch
  • various minor painting jobs.

The work has been done by a mixture of voluntary and paid effort. Thanks to all the following for assisting in Hall maintenance: Roger Bragg, Steven Oldfield, Sylvia Tuer, John Knifton, Kevin Metcalf, Jane Roberts, Carolyn Cripps.

The Trust Management Committee has to balance very carefully its expenditure on maintenance and improvements with the possibility of the impending major revitalisation. It remains fully committed to maintaining the Hall in a reasonable (and certainly safe) condition during this awkward period of transition.

Special appreciation to Sylvia Tuer who very capably looks after bookings, cleaning and general maintenance.

Insurance, licenses etc

The Hall is insured, with insurance including employers' and public liability and now also trustee indemnity. The insurance premium is paid by Threlkeld Parish Council.

The Hall has a licence for music and also pays the Performing Rights Society to cover the playing of recorded music.

Temporary licenses are obtained for sale of alcohol as required. Thanks to Tim Foster for assistance with this.

Christmas Whist Drive and Draw

The traditional Christmas Whist Drive had to be cancelled at short notice this year because of the weather. However, it took place on a rearranged date in January, attended by about 40 people. Thanks to Carolyn Cripps for organising this.

The Grand Christmas Draw was held as usual (for legal reasons it had to be drawn on the date specified even though there was no Whist Drive). This was a useful general fund raiser. Thanks to Roger Bragg for organising this, and to the Horse and Farrier, Four Seasons Foods and others who kindly donated prizes.

Christmas Shopping Trip

The coach trip to Glasgow on 28 November 2010 took 41 people. Thanks to Carolyn Cripps for organising this.

Highlights Theatrical Productions

The Highlights events before Christmas were cancelled because of weather or other operational reasons. Consequently during the year only one event was held:.

Peter Price – an evening of Blues and Beyond – Friday 6 May 2011.

Thanks to Gill Winter for representing the Trust Management Committee with the Highlights organisation and for managing this programme. She has now handed over to Moira Surinagar who is arranging the events in 2011/12.

Highlights scheme events would all be far too expensive to run without the help of the subsidised scheme. They would all normally cost at least £600 - £1000. With Highlights it costs us £130 plus 70% of any other takings on the door.


Threlkeld Youth Club

The Youth Club continues to be in abeyance for the moment. However, our Big Lottery bid includes various proposals relevant to young people, and these have been put forward by the newly established Young People Action Group.

Village Bonfire

In the absence of a suitable volunteer to take responsible for its organisation, in accordance with the Management Committee decisions the traditional bonfire and fireworks display did not take place. There are no active plans to revive it.

Village Sports

The Village Sports Day has been an important regular event in the village social calendar. Unfortunately the team of people responsible for organising this for many years decided to call it a day. The Trust Management Committee pursued various options to ensure it took place, but without success; although some races etc were organised in conjunction with a separate event. The various trophies etc therefore remain unawarded this year.

It may be possible to revive this event in the future, depending on the availability of sufficient volunteers.

Village Hall Teas

At Easter and during the summer, teas were again provided for sale in the Village Hall at weekends and on Bank Holidays. This service is operated on a voluntary basis, and provides useful income in support of the Village Hall. (Two weekends were run by St Mary’s Church in aid of Church funds).

The service has has again been a big success, financially and socially. About 2200 (2237) people were served over 30 (31) days, an average of about 73 (72) per day. (Last year’s figures are in brackets).

Thanks to all the many volunteers people who help make this scheme work so well – this includes the organisers, the people who buy supplies, the servers, the washers up, the bakers, the people who put out signs etc.- Pat Knifton, Kate Smalley, Jane Roberts, Carolyn Cripps, Dot Benson, Marion Turner, Laurence Deadman, Eileen Read, Ros Shirreff, Gaynor Harding, Julia McGregor, Hilary Eddleston, Blencathra Centre, Liz Jones, Elizabeth Beresford, Diana Matthews, Donald Angus, Christine Gott, Sue Foster, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Roberts, Pam Bowell, Ann Hughes, John Deadman, Jo Alberti, Marion Hodgson, John Hodgson, Ron Horne, Jean Horne, Kathleen Oldfield, Sue Judge, Ruth Taylor, Marion Wright, Sylvia Tuer, Barbara Wilson, Joy Canterbury, Nicola Lowis. Dorothy Cowper, Owen Sutcliffe, Neil Beresford, Frances Judge,

Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation

The Village Hall is undertaking a major revitalisation project, work on which has been undertaken since 2007.

The Village Hall Trust Management Committee continued to lead the way on the project in 2010/11 because all the issues under consideration have been complex ones regarding funding possibilities and associated risks, which it is the Committee’s responsibility to consider. However, the Village Hall Revitalisation Action Group continues in being, overseeing the project generally, subject to the overriding responsibility of the Village Hall Trust Management Committee and the Parish Council (it is jointly accountable to both these bodies).

The Revitalisation Action Group met three times during the year, and has been kept in touch via emails and newsletters about progress. Its main discussions focused on details of the revised scheme and on fundraising. The small sub team of people concerned with local fundraising, led by Dot Benson, has continued to organise local fundraising, although this has been something of an uphill struggle for various reasons.

Progress on the scheme during the year is summarised below:

  • following a full review in December 2010/January 2011, detailed discussions with the architects and a public exhibition, a revised scheme was agreed by the Revitalisation Action Group, the Village Hall Trust Management Committee and the Parish Council in February 2011 – this scaled back, single storey scheme (costed at about £575,000 plus VAT) is the one now being pursued
  • good progress is being made with an application to the Big Lottery for a grant of £300,000; this has reached Stage 2 of the application process and much depends on the outcome of this
  • various other funding bids have been made but these are really dependent on the outcome of the Lottery bid
  • our local fundraising has continued, backed up by various smaller grants, and we can now call upon over £40,000 locally (our informal target is £50,000); this local effort is proving very important.

A series of local events and activities have been held to raise money and awareness locally. These include:

Threlkeld Pudding Festival
Threlkeld Mugs and T-shirts – continued sales
Threlkeld Recipe Book – continued sales of both editions
Art exhibition and sale of paintings by Herbert Witherington, Eileen Witherington, Jean Horne and Tom Price
Sale of produce at a stall on Keswick Market
NEW Threlkeld 2012 calendars and packs of notecards produced by David Inch andBarbara Lowesmith

The Revitalisation Fund has also benefited from many individual donations, large and small, from local people, visitors and village organisations.

A Gift Aid scheme is in operation but has not really taken off.

A JustTextGiving scheme has just been set up.

An Easyfundraising scheme was established a couple of years ago. This means that for anyone registered who purchases goods/services on the internet, or who makes an online search, a small commission is generated which goes directly to the Revitalisation Fund. This has got established with about 22 members and has so far generated over £500 (with no effort and at no cost!). Log onto you want to register.

The Revitalisation Group includes the following: Jo Alberti, Donald Angus, Sarah Bennett, Dot Benson, Pam Bowell, Roger Bragg,Una Cowper,Carolyn Cripps, Alison Critchlow, Sue Dunn. Guy Duxbury,Sandra Hewitson, Sue Foster, Ron Horne, Jean Horne, John Knifton, Pat Knifton, Barbara Lowesmith, Nigel Matthews, Steven Oldfield, Jane Roberts, Trevor Roberts Trevor Robson, Diane Robson, Ros Shirreff, Jon Trotman, Sylvia Tuer, Gill WinterEileen Witherington, Herbert Witherington, Neil Beresford, Adrian Eddleston. Additionally, people too numerous to mention have actively assisted with fund raising events.

Threlkeld Community Website

The Threlkeld Community Website was established under the auspices of the Village Hall in 2007, but responsibility was subsequently assumed by the Parish Council. It is operated and managed by Helen O’Brien. It contains a wealth of local information, constantly updated, including much information about the Village Hall and the revitalisation project. Increasingly people are being referred to the website for up to date information, Hall bookings etc.

Public involvement/information

A report on Village Hall activities is regularly included in the village newsletter Beneath Blencathra. This has a circulation of about 350 copies locally.

Information is put onto the Threlkeld Community Website, which is regularly updated.

The Annual Meeting of the Village Hall was held on 20 October 2010. It was attended by about 40 people. A full update on the revitalisation scheme was presented, and an informal drinks and nibbles party held after the business of the meeting was finished, at which Willie Tyson of Middle Row Farm gave a stimulating talk on the local farming scene.


In January 2011, a special weekend exhibition and consultation on the revised revitalisation scheme plans was held, visited by about 70 people.

During the year, the revitalisation project actually received the previously promised grants from the Lake District National Park Authority, totalling £25,000; and also a grant of £2000 from Cumbria County Council. These grants enabled the Trust to cover the costs of the detailed design and redesign of the revitalisation scheme.


The audited accounts for the year ended 30 September 2011 as presented to the Annual Meeting on 20 October 2011, are set out in Appendix 2.

Total income was £15541.99, total expenditure was £9611.42. The income figure includes a grant of £2000 from Cumbria County Council which was transferred as an equivalent expenditure item into the restricted Revitalisation Project Account, since the grant was explicitly in support of this project.

The surplus of almost £6000 on the year increased the reserves to over £22000. The Trust Management Committee considered the reserves situation, and agreed that it need to preserve as unrestricted reserves sufficient money to meet any very unexpected repair bills, and also to cater for the Hall having to operate with a much reduced income if the revitalisation scheme goes ahead. On this basis, it decided to transfer £12000 of its reserves into the Revitalisation project Account, which contains only funds directly concerned with this project, either designated or restricted. This action means that the unrestricted reserves in the main accounts were £10404.31 at the end of the year.

The Revitalisation Project Account is maintained by the Village Hall Trust exclusively for handling income and expenditure relating to the revitalisation scheme. With the transfer just referred to, it now stands at almost £25,000. The Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Fund is a separate fund, maintained by the Threlkeld Parish Council. This is where all the locally raised money for the revitalisation project is initially banked. At the end of September 2011, this fund stood at about £12,000. There is thus about £37,000 available in cash in support of the revitalisation project. To this can be added another £4,000 in firm promises from local charitable bodies, thus bringing the funds available locally to about £41000. ,



Village Committee meetings etc

Threlkeld Parish Council
Threlkeld Village Hall Trust Management Committee
Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Action Group
Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Fundraising Team
Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Liaison Meetings with architects, environmental health, possible funders
Threlkeld Housing Association
Threlkeld Children’s Summer Outing Committee

Public meetings

Threlkeld Annual Parish Meeting
Threlkeld Village Hall Annual Meeting
Meeting re housing in Threlkeld

Theatrical and musical events

Art exhibition and sale by local artists
Highlights production
Threlkeld School Summer Production
Threlkeld School Ceilidh
Threlkeld School Choir Concert
Chris Bannister John Denver night
Spats Langham Jazz night


The Village Hall is the base for equipment for Threlkeld First Responders (who also hold meetings there).


The Village Hall was a polling station in the elections for both Eden and Copeland District Councils.

General social events

Christmas Whist Drive
* Threlkeld Pudding Festival
Coffee evenings
* Beetle Drive

Village social and recreational organisations

Blencathra Bowling Club
Threlkeld Senior Citizens
Threlkeld Women's Group
Sunday Club
Blencathra Hunt Ball
Threlkeld Cricket Club

Other general social and recreational activities

Social Dance
Dog obedience training
Friends of Threlkeld School Dance
Threlkeld School Christmas Fair
Keswick Embroidery Guild
Dance classes (children and adults)
Cumbria Beekeepers
Cumbria Soaring Club (training)
Model aeroplanes
Church social events

Private use

Birthday parties
Wedding receptions
Funeral teas/gatherings

Conferences, exhibitions, training etc

First Aid training
Cumbria Community Foundation meeting
LDNPA exhibition
Keswick Churches Together
Felt making workshop
Workington Childrens Centre

Fund raising events and activities

Village Hall Teas
St Mary’s Church Teas


Wigton Ladies Tea Stop
Mountaineering Club weekend stay
Overnight use as a camping barn
Overnight use as a base for the Bob Graham Round fell running
Working on hang gliding equipment

NB * indicates a fund raising event for the Revitalisation Fund

The Village Hall car park is used as the base for plastics and garden waste recycling.





Main account



Balance brought forward
Transfer to deposit account
Repairs and renewals
Lettings and electricity
Professional fees
Special events
Special events
Car park donations
Other donations
Postage and stationery
Caretaker’s wages
Sundry expenses
Transfer of grant to Project Account
Cash at the bank on 30/09/11




Deposit account



Balance at 30/09/09
Transfer from current account
Transfer to Revitalisation Project
Interest for the year
Balance at 30/09/11







Income, expenditure and reserves


Total income (including interest)
Total expenditure
Unrestricted reserves at
30 September 2011








The Village Hall Trust Management Committee is committed to maintaining the condition of the Village Hall to as high a standard as is reasonable bearing in mind we are planning a major revitalisation scheme. This is a difficult “balancing act”. Since 2008, a programme of repairs and improvements has been followed. This is a list of the main things done.

Entrances etc
Repair and repainting of the main door
Replacement of the rear door
Repainting of the rear lobby
Fixing of fan heater in lobby
Main Hall
Installation of blackout quality vertical blinds
Installation of stage lighting
Purchase of portable staging for theatrical and musical events
Improvements to the PA equipment, etc.
Professional cleaning of the wooden floor
Small meeting room
Cleaning of carpets
Fixing of noticeboards
Carpet cleaning
Repainting and partial replastering
Refixing of the supports to surfaces
Installation of window blinds
Stainless steel splashbacks round the cooker
New stainless steel food trolley
New cutlery trays, teapots, kettles, coffee/tea dispensers, toasters
Replacing existing kitchen cupboards and installing a new double cupboard
Removal of old water heater
Repainting both toilets with anti-condensation paint
Fixing the leak in the roof over the toilets
New mirrors
New toilet seats
New doors.
Sorting out drainage problems
Filling holes in the car park
Repairing the gulley next to Forge Cottage
Felling sycamore tree and making good underneath it to extend the car park and open up views
All year round flower displays on the main road window sills
Repainting of the brown sections of the main road frontage
Extensive repairs and renewals to the flat roof over toilets and rear porch
New collapsible tables
Repairs/easing of internal doors
Full review of all our fire safety provisions and implementation of a number of improvements in this respect
Purchase of an 80 place set of good quality dinner/supper crockery, for use exclusively in functions involving “sit down” meals
Various electrical safety repairs and improvements

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