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Village Hall Trust AGM - October 2011


7.30 PM



The meeting was attended by 18 residents (a list is available from the Secretary) and was chaired by the Chairman, Trevor Roberts.

1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Alison Critchlow, Jon Trotman, Ros Shirreff, Gill Winter, Sandra Hewitson

2. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 20 October 2010

The Secretary, Steven Oldfield, read out the minutes of the previous AGM. It was agreed these were a very detailed and accurate account of a lively meeting.

3. Secretary’s Report on the year’s activities

The Secretary reported on the year’s activities, including details of maintenance and improvement work on the Hall; and on the increased level of bookings. He noted that bookings of the Hall have again increased, despite last winter’s extreme weather, with bookings for the morning sessions up by about 33%, afternoon bookings marginally up, bookings for the evening sessions up by about 50% and the nights occupied by ‘campers’ almost doubled. These are all in comparison with figures for the previous 12 months which were themselves up on the year before. He thanked the caretaker, Sylvia Tuer, for her hard work, which has of course increased as a result of the extra use of the Hall.

Full details of activities described are in the Annual Report on the Threlkeld community website.

The Secretary’s report was accepted. He was thanked for his report and for his work.

4. Treasurer’s report and presentation of the accounts for the year ending

30 September 2011

The Treasurer, Roger Bragg, presented the accounts for the year (which were circulated at the meeting) and gave a financial report. He referred to increased income, especially from lettings and from the teas (which this year had generated £3800), and some containment of expenditure (especially electricity). The result was a surplus of income over expenditure which lifted our reserves from about £16000 to £22000. It was reported that the Trust Management Committee had designated £12000 of the reserves in support of the planned revitalisation scheme, leaving about £10000 as an uncommitted reserve available to fund any unexpected major repairs and also to ensure that we can stand the drop in income which will result from any go ahead of the revitalisation scheme.

A summary of the accounts and financial report is included in the Annual Report, which is on the Threlkeld community website.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted. He was thanked for his report and his work.

5. Chairman’s report on the future development of the Hall

The Chairman, Trevor Roberts, introduced the Annual Report for 2010/11 which was displayed at the meeting and is available on the Threlkeld community website. He went on to:

  • thank various people and groups for their support and assistance: Sylvia Tuer, Hall Caretaker; the Secretary and Treasurer and the rest of the Trust Management Committee; the newly formed Action Groups; the Revitalisation Action Group, in particular the fundraising team; the Teas Team; and all the many other people who have helped ensure the successful running of the Hall, in ways large and small
  • report on the revitalisation scheme progress, describing the rapid adoption of a significantly revised scheme, successful progress on a Big Lottery funding application for about half the cost, and the assembling of local funds of about £41,000 in total.
  • point out that, despite the continuing improvement in management standards, use and financial position of the Village Hall as reported by the Secretary and Treasurer, the Big Lottery bid had highlighted the potential lack of use of the Hall by local people, the need to revitalise a community rather than just a building.

There was a brief discussion of the position, including reference to potential options if we failed to succeed in the application for the Big Lottery (the outcome of this may not be known for several months).

6. Appointment of members of the Village Hall Trust Management Committee (trustees)

The AGM noted the three members already appointed by Threlkeld Parish Council: Roger Bragg, Carolyn Cripps, Gill Winter.

The Secretary reported that three people had been properly nominated in accordance with the agreed procedures to fill the positions to be elected at the AGM:

Steven Oldfield, proposed by John Hodgson, seconded by Ron Horne

Trevor Roberts, proposed by Val Bragg, seconded by Nigel Matthews

Sarah Rose, proposed by Dot Benson, seconded by Sandra Hewitson

The unopposed election of these three people was proposed by Guy Duxbury, seconded by Donald Angus and carried with no dissent.

(NB The Committee members may coopt up to three other people, and plan to do so at a special meeting convened with due notice).

7. Any Special Resolutions duly notified


The meeting was closed at 8.40pm and the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions.

Afterwards there was an informal break for drinks and crisps; the official “launch” of the Threlkeld Calendar; and an interesting talk on proposals for a local cycling route and centre at Thirlmere, with its possible implications for Threlkeld, by David Robinson of the Lake District National Park Authority.

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