Threlkeld Village Hall - AGM Information

Annual General Meeting 2024

The Annual General Meeting of Threlkeld Village Hall Trust will take place on Wednesday 31 January at 7pm in the hall.

The Trustees are proposing making important changes to the constitution of the hall. The Annual General Meeting is your opportunity to listen to what they have to say, share your opinions, and vote on the proposals.

Proposed Changes

In summary, the proposals being put forward concern the legal status under which the hall operates. The hall is currently an “unincorporated trust,” and the Trustees would like to update this to make it a “Charitable Incorporated Organisation” (CIO). The advantages of being a CIO include:

  • Broader powers to distribute the income of the hall, principally from the Coffee Shop, to the local community;
  • Reduction of personal liability of Trustees;
  • Bringing the rules under which the hall operates up to date with current legislation;
  • Making it more straightforward for the hall to contract for goods and services.

These can be seen as “back room” changes - the same village hall will offer the same facilities and services and will continue to be run by trustees on behalf of the village and the surrounding area. They are, however, important for the efficient running of the hall, and to keep it so for the next generations.

More Information

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